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The Ozone Viper 6 is a high-performance PPG wing designed for experienced pilots searching for the highest levels of efficiency, speed and performance. It features the latest design elements and technology taken directly from our high performance PG and PPG development programs to deliver an exciting wing that is fun to fly with performance levels ideal for long XC flying and high level classic competitions.

Higher performance allows for better fuel efficiency and extended XC flights, there is no need to fly over-powered. In thermal conditions its glide, sink rate and handling characteristics are similar to a free flight paraglider with very agile, fun handling and exceptional climb and glide performance.

Viper 6 is the top-performing wing in the Ozone Power range, designed exclusively for expert pilots. It’s the ideal choice for classic competitions and any project or flying mission that requires extra efficiency. Made from an extra lightweight fabric, even lighter than Spyder and Sirocco 3, it’s the lightest paramotor wing ever made. Additionally, it comes with unsheathed lines and PK riders as standard. Similar to ViperXC, it features winglets for roll stability. It’s available in four standard colors and four sizes.



Designed specifically for competent and experienced pilots, the Viper 6 is the World Champion’s choice and the perfect tool for classic competitions and XC flying.


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 in

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