Ozone RoadMAX – Intermediate DGAC trike paraglider

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Ozone RoadMAX – Intermediate DGAC trike paraglider



Ozone RoadMAX – Intermediate DGAC trike paraglider

The Roadmax is a dedicated trike wing designed for a wide range of pilots from newly qualified to advanced. Ideal for solo or light tandem trike flying, the concept has been developed for low take off and landing speeds, excellent handling with high levels of roll stability and a high cruise speed. Based on the Roadster 3, the Roadmax shares great launch and flight characteristics whilst incorporating the latest technologies and innovations to make trike flying easier.


Featuring the high performance Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile (OZRP) tuned specifically for powered flight, the Roadmax is stable in accelerated flight whilst more stall & spin resistant at low speeds. The winglets improve roll stability both in the air and on the ground and reduce the chances of remaining neutral in spiral.


The Roadmax inflates readily without overshooting and is easy to keep on heading along the runway. As a result, take-off comes early with a smooth and efficient climb rate. In the air it is fast, fun and comfortable. Brake response is precise yet forgiving for fun handling and easy maneuverability with unprecedented levels of roll stability.


The all new dedicated risers are shorter than standard for easy access and feature the latest more comfortable handles, A-assist tabs for easier inflation and a long trimmer range for easy speed control. Double tip steering provides a 2D system for agility and precision along with TST mini-toggles for high speed control. The location positioned low on the risers make these controls easily accessible even with high hang points.


Load tested to 250kgs at 8g, the Roadmax’s internal structure has been reinforced and the line set strengthened for a larger structural safety margin at high loads.


At 32m2 it is suitable for solo intermediate pilots, however, due to the low surface area and high wing loading, when flown with a lightweight tandem trike it is only recommended for expert pilots.

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