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Ozone Moxie Pwr

The Moxie Power is an all-new design engineered from the ground up to support the beginning phase of your paramotor and paragliding career.

For new pilots and students, the Moxie Power is ideal for progressing your flying with maximum ease and safety. The wing has been designed with the easiest launch we have ever experienced, highly intuitive handling, a generous yet precise brake range for fun and effective thermalling performance, and a deep and forgiving flare. Our most confidence-inspiring wing yet, the Moxie Power allows you to build skills in a shorter period of time for a quicker path to advanced flying.

For instructors, the Moxie Power provides the ultimate platform for student progression. It is suitable for students under training and the newly qualified pilots in both disciplines paragliding and paramotor


The Ozone Moxie Power contains an amount of technological features that may surprise you given the class and the cost of the wing.

  • Winglets – win-win feature, adding significant improvement to spiral and roll stability at no cost in performance – increasing both safety and handling, with no downsides.
  • Carefully engineered cell openings have eliminated any form of vibration or flutter that are frequently an issue in entry level wings.
  • Double transversal shaping tech from our competition wing series provides a perfectly wrinkle free leading edge, maximizing the glide performance available in this aspect ratio and profile.
  • An optimized line plan has reduced line drag by 18% compared to previous designs in this class of wing.
  • The Moxie-specific profile has been selected for the easiest possible inflation & ground handling characteristics, and passive safety, while maintaining excellent performance for the class. This all new profile has significantly reduced thickness which reduces the volume of air, which in turn makes inflation and launch much easier.


The Ozone Moxie Power risers feature a smooth trim system and a foot operated accelerator system to reach top speeds. The risers also feature adjustable brake pulleys so the height can be set to make it compatible with any type of power unit.

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