Ozone light rescue container

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Ozone light rescue container


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Ozone light rescue container

-Size Large- suitable for Angel SQ 120-140kg


The Lite and Ultralite front parachute containers are designed for harnesses without an integrated reserve deployment system such as the F*Lite and OZO but can also be used for those wanting to add a second reserve to any harness that does not already feature an integrated front mounted reserve compartment.

Thoughtfully designed, the containers are easy to handle and also act as a cockpit thanks to the Velcro top plate. Available in 3 different versions – Ultralite / Lite / PPG Lite. The Lite model is available in 2 sizes and is also available in a dedicated PPG version for paramotoring. The Ultralite container is dedicated for hike and fly or for those who need the most compact, lightest possible container.

Package includes:

External bag Deployment handle

Extras required:

Y bridle
Suitable connector
Suitable inner deployment bag

The container is suitable for most parachutes, make sure to chose the model/size that is suitable for your parachute’s dimensions. It is important to not pack the parachute too tightly as this may affect the opening time. If between sizes, go for the larger container.

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