What can I say about Aviator PPG? Awesome doesn’t cut it, and I can’t think of a higher-level descriptor at the moment. I personally have been through many different types of flight schools, 61, 141, College, Graduate school, and Military, and I have never encountered so much dedication, wide-eyed excitement, and deep passion for this type of flying. Eric, Travis, Jon, and Sebastian are epic instructors who know exactly what you need to do to get you off the ground carving up the sky in a reasonable time, but always, always with an eye towards safety. At no time did I feel afraid or unsafe. My experience with these four (sadly now three, good luck in CO, Bas!) has been extremely accommodating, they are so willing to work with you for you to achieve your goals in this sport. Hard work in the beginning, but the payoff is huge, so many awesome sunrises at 300 feet.

All I have to say now is thanks guys, now I’m eyeballing every open field I see and evaluating wind conditions as a potential launch point; my perspective has changed. But seriously, thanks for helping me get back up in the air. We’ll hopefully see you in a fly-in sometime!

Cheers! Jon