I would like to say though that I’m so happy I left with the Roadrunner. If it’s not already in the works I’d like to recommend ( for whatever my recommendation is worth) to you guys that you really push the roadrunner. I’ve been able to kite and have meaningful practice nearly every day since I left. It has really helped with the potential para-depression I could have had during the wait for my wing. Taking it out every day and going through the motions, set up, hand kiting, forward launches, reverse launches. All these things have made this time feel like an extension of the course rather than a waiting game for the wing. I’m also feeling my comfort level rise to a point that I’m just excited for my first flight at home, not nervous that the training wheels are now off. Not trying to tell you guys what to do, because you obviously don’t need it. I have to say your course is one of the best courses/ experiences of my entire life. I just think that for someone who maybe thinks the price tag is a little high for a ‘training’ only wing, it’s a tough pill to swallow. If they only knew the crazy amount of practice and experience that this wing could offer. Just thought I’d share. Thanks again for everything.”