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Flight tested to EN-B rating and DGAC approved Kona 2 is a versatile cross-over wing for paramotoring and paragliding. Main features:
– High-performance non-reflex Shark Nose profile
– Easy inflation in nil wind
– Easy, fun, agile, and comfortable to fly
– Dedicated risers featuring trimmers and tip steering system
– Ideal for beginner/intermediate pilots who enjoy both paragliding and paramotor using only one wing

The Kona 2 is the PPG version of the Buzz Z6, sharing the same technology, cutting edge performance, comfort, and ease of use. It is the perfect cross-over wing that excels whether flown under power or in free flight.

The Kona 2 is suitable for a wide range of pilots from talented beginners to the most experienced – the principal consideration is that this wing is designed to fly under power part of the time and in free-flight part of the time. Pilots who switch back and forth often and tend to log 30-50 free-flight hours per year will find the Kona 2 to be ideal.

The Kona PPG risers feature a smooth trim system for comfortable high-speed cruising when flying under power and a foot-operated accelerator system to reach top speeds and when free flying. The risers also feature tip steering and adjustable brake pulleys so the height can be set to make it compatible with any type of power unit.

Kona 2 has passed the criteria required by the DGAC and has been load tested to the EN 926-1 standard. In addition to our own extensive testing, it has also been independently flight tested to the EN 926-2 standard with the trimmers set to the slow position. Releasing the trimmers, or flying outside of the EN certified weight range invalidates any EN flight certification. As delivered, the wing does not conform to the EN 926-2 standard due to the inclusion of the trimmer systems on the risers.

Easy Bag has been added as a new pack option to save volume and weight.

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in

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