Ozone Spyder 3 / Ultralight EN-B / Reflex Paramotor Glider

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Ozone Spyder 3 / Ultralight EN-B / Reflex Paramotor Glider



Ozone Spyder 3

Based on the successful Roadster 3, Spyder 3 is made from lighter fabric and weighs on average 1.5 kg lighter (depending on size). Compared to Roadster 3, it has noticeably better handling and ridiculously easy inflation behavior, especially in nil wind. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots from beginners to experienced XC pilots alike who are looking for a safe and fun all-around wing.

Please note that many sizes and colors are backordered. For up to date stock information and lead times, reach out to our sales department (863) 272-9907

*Wing TLWA is no longer available as of 4/1/24 New standard colors: RWRA and THKP



Spyder 3 is DGAC approved and has been load tested to the EN 926-1 standard.

In addition to our own extensive testing already done, we are planning to have it EN certified by Air Turquoise. Spyder 3 will be independently flight tested to the EN 926-2 standard with the trimmers locked to the slow position (fully closed).

By doing this comprehensive testing we are hoping to give pilots a feel of safety and comfort while flying with Ozone Spyder 3. Nevertheless, please keep in mind and remind your customers that releasing the trimmers, using the accelerator or flying outside of the EN certified weight range invalidates any EN flight certification. As delivered, Spyder 3 does not conform to the EN 926-2 standard due to the inclusion of the accelerator and trimmer systems on the risers.

Additional information

Weight 12.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 8 in

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