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Ozone Triox 2



The Ozone Triox 2 is the most purpose-built trike wing, ever. It makes trike flying as easy as possible while delivering fast cruise speeds, high fuel efficiency, and an effortless launch.


The Triox inflates easily without overshooting, in all conditions. It is roll-stable and very easy to ground-handle. The Trike Launch Assist System means the inflation process is simple and effortless, leaving your hands free to control brakes and throttle.


In the air, the Triox’s handling is progressive and direct. Turns are smooth and coordinated with no dive tendency. Winglets make it highly stable in the air even during a high-powered climb or hands-off cross country flights, leaving the pilot and passenger to sit back and enjoy the ride.


The high-performance Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile (OZRP) is tuned specifically for powered flight, providing consistent lift and internal pressure through a wide range of angles of attack. The Triox is more stable in accelerated flight, and more stall & spin resistant at low speeds. The aspect ratio and low-drag line plan combined with the OZRP profile make this the most efficient trike wing available.


The TROIX double tip steering system provides pilots with two options: A 2D system, for agility and precision, and the TST mini-toggles for high-speed control. The location low on the risers makes these controls easily accessible even with high hang points.
The A-Assist attach points, custom trike brake handles, and TST all feature strong magnetic retainers. Trimmer adjustments are easy thanks to the Triox’s high-quality roller buckle.


Winglets provide significantly greater roll stability and improve spiral behavior. Glider characteristics are often at odds and we are forced to make compromises in order to reach the best outcomes, but the use of winglets avoids compromise and provides the “best of both worlds” – they increase roll stability without negative outcomes. Regardless of trike type, geometry, thrust, or power, the Triox remains roll-stable!


Certified DGAC and load tested to 410 kgs @8G (EN standard) and 625kg @5.25G (DGAC standard), the Triox is available in two sizes, accommodating a wide range of power units and wing loadings. It is suitable for both solo and tandem trike flying, and thanks to the easy launch and flight characteristics it is acceptable for a wide range of pilots from recreational to pro. This intuitive and dependable trike wing will last you for many seasons, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

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