Complete Titanium Muffler for Thor 202/303


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Thor 202/203 engine muffler.


The Polini muffler is an authentic work of art made up of as many as 29 hand-welded titanium sector curves.


The cone-counter-cone type structure, the shape and the compact dimensions of the expansion, guarantee a significant weight reduction of 1 kg compared to the muffler mounted on the stock engines.


A very important and useful weight saving, not only for those who fly in paramotors but also for manufacturers of ultralights.


The Polini titanium muffler is applicable to both Thor 202 and Thor 303 engines.


The performances are of the highest level: power optimization at any rotation speed, great reliability and maximum mechanical resistance.


The suspension fixing and the spherical joint system guarantees freedom of movement and at the same time eliminates any type of vibration, guaranteeing the duration of the drain over time.


The silencer is in black anodized aluminum with removable bottom to replace the sound-absorbing material.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 6 in