Ozone Spyder 3 Review & Release Information!!

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The Ozone Spyder 3 has been long awaited by our entire paramotor community. Drawing from the success of the original Ozone Spyder, the Spyder 3 takes things to a completely new level of speed, agility, ease of launch, and safety.

When the original Spyder was released, pilots raved about its light weight “it’s like its filled with helium” was the most common response from pilots more accustomed to standard weight gliders. It rode well on the shoulders of its heavier sibling, the Roadster 2. Diminishing the R2’s biggest challenge which was a slight hesitation during the inflation process.

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As the Roadster 3 rolled out last year, we were mesmerized by the radical changes between the two models. Gone was any hesitancy of inflation, gone were the annoying roll oscillations of the Spyder and Roadster 2… And in the vacuum left by removing those challenges? The Roadster 3 gained not just more speed, but it’s handling improved massively as well. Rather than digging into corners and slowly slewing through them, the new design feels much more grippy. As if their retuning of the brake lengths has added a bit more tip steering in from stock. It REALLY rails through every turn.

Somehow they’d managed to make an already delightful design SO MUCH better.

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And then, after blowing our minds with the Roadster 3, they have just released the new SPYDER 3. A lightweight version of the Roadster 3 that makes things even more fun for all.

No wind launches are no longer even a thought. As I launched to record our first review video, I strapped myself into a Parajet Maverick with an Atom 80. Stared at the windsock hanging limply by its pole and smiled. I knew the inflation would be effortless… And it was. Launch after launch, even with just 80cc’s on my 194 lb frame, the 22M snapped overhead and laughed in the face of all the older, heavier gliders I’ve flown before.

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The new Ozone Spyder 3 is an ideal glider for intermediate pilots and for more advanced ones looking for a safer, more reliable wing for cross countries and more. It thermals well trimmed in and has significantly better efficiency than its predecessor.

We’re thrilled with this new release and can’t wait to see the smiles on your faces when you get to take to the skies on the new Spyder 3.


All sizes and colors are pre-ordered and anticipated arrival is mid-July. Pre-Orders are available here:


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Join our growing team!

Aviator Paramotor is looking for a ROCKSTAR Accountant / Bookkeeper!

Please read the job description below and reach out to Angelina@aviatorppg.com if it sounds like you!

Accountant/Bookkeeper Job Summary Aviator PPG is at a crucial growth point where we are actively implementing better business practices in order to scale with our team’s goals. Therefore, our new accountant/bookkeeper must believe in our purpose and have an entrepreneurial mind that will take control of and drive our accounting department to be as successful and efficient as possible.

We believe, our purpose on this planet is to radically change lives and make the world a better place through aviation. Our mission is to inspire people to fully embrace their lives, passions, and adventuresome spirit through the sport of paramotoring. We achieve this by offering only the very best training, products, and support through our amazing Aviator team. We believe the best person for this position will offer all of the job summary requirements as well as a passion for aviation and a desire for adventure with a servants heart. To see if you are a good fit, check us out at www.AviatorPPG.com.

Position Description The Aviator PPG Accountant/Bookkeeper position includes bookkeeping, payroll and payroll tax, sales and use tax, financial statement preparation and various other accounting services. Aviator PPG is a parent company with multiple subsidiary companies and/or separate entities underneath. Understanding of parent company/subsidiary and separate entity business structure is a must!

All Aviator PPG team members must lead with Integrity, make sure every word is rooted in Honesty, and always work to Respect your teammates, as well as, your fellow man.

Competency and technical skill sets include (but are not limited to) strong knowledge of accounting principles and standard accounting processes for recording a company’s business transactions into a general ledger, account reconciliations and work paper preparation, prepare and post journal entries and ability to adapt work as required by level of engagement, maintain accounting documents and records, ensure all files are up to date, post customer checks, vendor payments and ACH payments. Candidate must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, intermediate understanding of Shopify, and various accounting software (Sage, QuickBooks, Xero, etc.). Personal characteristics include integrity, professional in attitude and appearance, and trustworthiness.


● Minimum of two years of prior bookkeeping experience using QuickBooks

● Proficiency with Shopify, bill.com, and Gusto

● Accounting degree preferred

● Accounts Payable experience a must

● Demonstrated written and oral communication skills

● Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team

● Demonstrated knowledge of sales tax filings in multiple states

● High degree of discretion in dealing with confidential information

● Excellent attention to detail

Job Type: Full Time, 40hrs a week with flexible time off policy

Compensation: $35,000-$40,000 depending on experience with a generous built in quarterly bonus structure

Parajet, a superb British company

Parajet, a superb British company

Parajet is well known for its outstanding customer support and their great looking and well-built machines, innovating at the sharp end and helping in a very large way to create the paramotor industry as it does so, so it’s interesting to delve into the background of how these machines are made, the processes involved and why this is good for us, the customer.

NOW HIRING: Instructor Candidates!

Dear Aviator Friends, 

We’re looking for a few dedicated, passionate paramotor pilots with servants hearts to join our cadre of instructors at Aviator in Lake Wales, Florida.  Could this be you? 

Consider that paramotor instruction can involve long days, but is also immensely rewarding through interactions with joyous students with whom would be able to inspire and teach to the highest standards.

You do not need to be an existing paramotor instructor to apply for this position!  You do need at least 75 hours of paramotor flight experience, a joyous attitude,  a strong desire to inspire others, and a willingness to work in a fast paced team environment. 

Serious potential applicants, please send a letter of intent to info@aviatorppg.com that describes your experience, desires, and motivations, and a carefully considered date that you would be available to start.   Selected applicants will be contacted for a joint interview (yes, we believe strongly that it is important you interview us as well to see if our company is a good fit for you and your family) :) 

Sadly, non U.S. Citizens are not eligible unless you have an appropriate work Visa.

We look forward to hearing from many of you!

- Eric, Travis, & The Aviator Team

Air Conception

Thank you and Farewell to Air Conception!

      For over 3 years, we at Aviator worked hard to build the recognition of the Air Conception Paramotor brand, supporting our customer's with our industry leading service, and stocking a large amount of parts for warranty claims, etc.

     However, as the needs of our clients grew, we began to add additional brands that could better scale with our Aviator family.

     After a few months of working with these new brands, it soon became clear that their fit, finish, design mentality, and their dedication to supporting their pilots was truly top-level and exactly what we were looking for.


     Parajet's entire philosophy is built around impeccable design. They build their frames at a factory that looks like it should belong to a racing team. Form, functionality, GREAT looks, perfect performance at every level. The customer experience is thought of from beginning to end.

Fly Products

     Fly Products has one of the most incredible pedigrees in the business. Over 30 years of flying, designing, building frames, and developing an incredible team of passionate Aviators all over the world. Their motors perfectly bridge the gap between value and cost, allowing more pilots than ever to take to the skies. Their trikes are in a league of their own. Powerful, comfortable, and designed for maximum efficiency.

 We hope you'll join us in considering these new brands. We believe they're some of the best the industry has to offer and we are so proud to offer them to our clients!!

-Eric Farewell